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Current information on the activities of LLC”CAPITAL BUSINESS GROUP” as a member of the LLC “PLATYSERVICE”

• Services provided money transfer system.

LLC “CAPITAL BUSINESS GROUP” as a member of the LLC “PLATYSERVICE” provides services for the transfer of funds in national currency without opening accounts with STCS.

• Procedure (terms) money transfer.

Customers can implement cash transfer without opening an account to the accounts of suppliers to pay for goods/ works/ services and to pay statutory fees and charges for repayment of loans granted by banks and other credit institutions for crediting of current and deposit accounts in banks, of insurance payments, charitable contributions, etc., as well as the accounts of other individuals and entities.

Transfer of funds carried out by the taxpayer on the transfer document, in the form specified by the existing legislation. Interbank transfer is executed up to three business days. Inbound transfer is executed in a term which can not exceed two operating days.

• Types of currency transfer funds.

Transfers to the LLC “PLATYSERVICE” are carried out by LLC “CAPITAL BUSINESS GROUP” exclusively in the national currency – the hryvnia.

• Cost of money transfer services.

The cost of money transfer services provided by a financial institution depends on the terms of the contract with the payee, the amount of payment, the cost of payment system services and the cost of bank services. The cost of the money transfer services agreed with the payee can only be charged to the payee or vice versa, only to the payer. The minimum payment is UAH 0.05, the maximum payment for transferring funds is 22% of the transfer amount.

• Points of issue of funds transfers in the system of funds transfer.


• The procedure for resolving disputes between participants and users of the funds transfer system.

The procedure for resolving disputes between participants of the DPS “FLASHPAY” and payers (users of the funds transfer system): to resolve issues arising from transfers made through the payment system, we suggest to contact by phone:

(044) 425-25-15 (LLC «CAPITAL BUSINESS GROUP»), (044) 451-84-49 (LLC “PLATYSERVICE”)


Location of the payment organization LLC “PLATYSERVICE”:


04074, city Kyiv, Novozabarska str., building 2/6

Location of the STCS:

04071, Kyiv, Nizhniy Val str. 19-21, in the lobby of the office building.

Hours – 24 hours a day.